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Programs Available at King's Revenue Ranch

King's Revenue Ranch has several additional programs that are unique to our joint vision of equine facility, ranch lifestyle education point and community service outreach center. We offer Team Building the Cowboy Way for your family or your company.

Horse Clubs for Girls

If you are one of those young ladies that has an urge to spend time with a big, strong, magnificent horse that you can call your very own, at least when you visit the ranch; consider forming your own Horse Club. We will make our ranch, our horses and a mentoring leader available to take you on a journey that will feel like having your own horse, without the very substantial expense to your parents! (They will like that.) You and each of your friends will get to pick a horse to work with. You can choose the kind of lessons you would like, and even compete against the other clubs. You will choose a name for your club and a logo. You can come once or twice a month or every week, depending on your schedule. The cost is as little as $30 per person per month to come once a month, $50 per person for twice a month and $90 per person for weekly club meetings. Find a couple of horse-loving friends and start your own adventure!

Working Ranch Teams for Guys

If you are one of those guys, young or old, that admires the gritty athleticism and rugged skill of the working Cowboy, the kind of man that daily pits his strength, abilities and determination against horses with attitude, steers with size and Nature itself, consider Working Ranch Teams at King’s Revenue Ranch. We will make our ranch, our horses and a tough Cowboy instructor available to teach you horse handling, Western riding, roping and other Cowboy skills. You can form a team for competition or just do it to prove how tough you really are! Fathers and sons can participate for some serious man time together. You can come once or twice a month depending on your schedule. The cost is $50 per person per month to come once a month or $90 per person for twice a month.

What do the Cowboy and the Karate Kid have in common?

They are both resourceful, determined, courageous and have a code of honor that they live by. We are proud to introduce a new program designed to draw from a meeting of these two worlds, the rugged Cowboy life and the self discipline of Japanese Karate-do.

Alena Leeds, Director of Operations for Cowboys for Kids, is a long time practitioner and teacher of the martial arts. She practiced Shotokan Karate for twenty five years, Kendo (Japanese Fencing) and Iai-do (the Japanese art of quick draw of the sword) for ten years. She attended Instructors training for ten years and has taught for almost twenty years. Alena is bringing her love of martial arts and appreciation for the wonderful lessons it teaches to Cowboys for Kids.

Beginning in June 2010.

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